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About Me

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between the mind and body; how this alignment affects mindset and effectiveness in reaching your goals. And that’s why I’ve incorporated neuroscience into my work.

I’ve been called a “facilitator of change”. I pride myself on being compassionate and professional by holding a safe space; supporting clients to be courageous and step outside their comfort zone to be better than before.

As clients gain self-awareness, they change their communication approach; we call this “relationship awareness”. They begin to speak and think differently to accommodate others – to create better interactions and outcomes for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

I am passionate about supporting people through times of change, helping to clarify their vision, while maintaining alignment with their core values and using personal strength to achieve the desired results.

I provide a safe space so clients can look at things from a different perspective, a different angle. Learning how to take a step back when your first instinct is to react with emotion.

How did I get here?

As a physiotherapist in Germany, I worked in both university hospitals and was self-employed in private clinics. Every patient was different and the ability of the brain to change and heal never ceased to amaze me. When I immigrated to Canada, I started working as a Therapy Assistant in a long-term care facility on a Dementia unit.

I knew I wanted more, so I continued on my path of discovery and growth. After earning my designation of Certified Disability Management Professional, I now work as a leader within government services, diligently implementing an effective coaching culture.

Although I love what I do, I’m not all about work. So, how do I recharge?

It’s all about balance. I love getting outdoors, hiking, and appreciating nature. It gives me perspective, beauty and a time to unwind with friends and family. I practice what I preach: this is the safe space that allows me to clear my head and think about things differently. And you certainly get a different angle from the top of a mountain, appreciating the steep path that brought me to that point. And it allows me to be grateful for the journey and amazing views!


“I’m not sure if I would have gotten where I am on my own, without Susanne’s coaching. We definitely wouldn’t have landed as well. She doesn’t take sides; she’s just clear-thinking and clear-headed. While you’re in a coaching session, you’re not aware of the value you’re gaining – until you see the results and the outcome. And then you think: “Wow, that was time well spent.””

– Kim Titus, Thumbs Up Foundation

I believe in life-long learning and growing. Mostly to ensure my clients get the best support they deserve. But also because it fills my cup.

Personal Qualifications (so far):

  • Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP)
  • Auditor, Consensus-Based Disability Management AuditTM (CBDMATM )
  • Foundation of Administrative Justice, Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice (CTAJTM)
  • Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University,
  • Certified Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitator
  • The Neuroscience of Change, Certificate
  • EMCC Global Team Coaching Individual Accreditation (ITCA) and Professional