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Lead Confidently By Creating Positive Change

Get your team performing at their best:

Why work with me?

What would it mean to you to be more confident in challenging conversations? If you could be more effective when you get thrown into a situation which is outside your comfort zone? If you could produce outstanding business results by working effectively with others while authentically leading with your strength?

I pride myself in being a thinking partner for each of my clients, co-creating solutions that work for you, your team and your organization, facilitating your growth and self-management.

When we work together, you can:

  •  Move complex issues to simple and easy, digestible steps
  • Rewire your brain to connect and transform relationships
  •  Increase self-awareness to improve communication for bigger impact
  • Remove barriers and roadblocks of old or subconscious beliefs
  • Increase your leadership skills and competencies through clear action planning

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

– Viktor Frankl

As leaders, we have so many things coming at us each and every day. In some instances, when we’re a bit overloaded and people are making demands on our time, we want to respond to as many questions, conversations and issues as we can.

However, if we’re feeling pressure, there are times when we respond too quickly, stepping into that space, often with emotion, and our response can lead to misunderstanding and disagreement. We rely on our gut or instinct, not stopping to consider how our response will be taken by the recipient.

Sound familiar?

As a leader, you need to recognize that your teams – and indeed all your relationships – can be affected when your subconscious personality traits and biases get in the way of the goals you want and need to achieve.

There is another way. You have the ability to make different choices. Instead of operating – and responding – automatically, take that brief moment to look at a situation from various points of view. By slowing down for a moment you have the opportunity to speed up and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your leadership.

A game changer for you and your team.

In my coaching practice, I use neuroscience and the process of neuroplasticity to individually empower my clients and teams to remove obstacles (you’re often standing in your own way), become better communicators and improve your overall relationships.

It might sound complicated, but let me explain. It IS nerdy but incredibly interesting and useful.

As humans we are geared to life-long learning and growth. Our brain is continually forming new connections and restructuring our perceptions and physiology over time. This process is called neuroplasticity and it happens thousands of times a day, giving us enormous potential to change if we put intention, awareness, effort and commitment into making it happen.

We use this capacity to change and reshape habits that no longer serve us and adopt new, more desirable attitudes and behaviours.

Creating these changes can lead to higher functioning teams and leadership success.


“That’s what I think is effective with Susanne’s approach. There is an active kind of partnership. I cannot just rely on her to provide me with information, I have to have a personal commitment in also contributing the best that I can. She can give me all the tools but if I don’t put my heart and soul to it, it will not work.

I would describe Susanne and her coaching as professional, kind, and committed. Her content is great and the resources are all science-based, which appeals to me. She uses research-proven tools that have been supported and reviewed. It’s not just what you see in a magazine.”

– Ardes Ng, RN Supervisor